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Scene : Barney buys a fortune-telling game and lets Opie try it. The cards were under the spell of a count, and when the proper ritual was enacted they would grant wishes. Parker, predicting her future. Scene : Episode starts with several tarot readings by Destiny, clearly using the Sacred Rose Tarot deck.

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Destiny helps Mitch and Garner by relating her visions of a series of murders they are investigating until she "sees" that Ryan is the next victim. Scene : Penny tries to help Sheldon be more spontaneous and they visit Ms. She tries to gives Sheldon a psychic reading but doesn't consult the tarot cards laid out in front of her.

Instead she channels information from Sheldon's spirit guides.

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  • When Ms. Davora is dead on Sheldon gets agitated and leaves, calling the whole experience "malarkey. Scene : The Cosmic Tarot is presented as Willow's personal tarot deck. It is thrown away along with all of her other occult paraphernalia as she attempts to give up her addiction to magic.

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    Scene : The three friends perform a spell to join their abilities with those of the Slayer. Scene : In a dream sequence, Tara explains to Buffy the problem raised by the magic circle in the previous episode.

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    Scene : Drusilla turns over the three cards and claims that some friends are coming to kill the Slayer. In fact Spike has called in the order of Taraka. At several points in the two part episode, Drusilla turns over cards to predict events, announcing when assassins have arrived in Sunnydale. Scene : While Tara browses through the deck, she and Willow discuss that the magic shop needs somebody who can read fortunes. Scene : Ben, played by Nick Stahl, gets a tarot reading from Sofie.

    The cards evoke the past, transformation, and a hidden talent, drawing Ben into memories of his terrible secret. Joe, is engaged to sweet Cindy Lou. Carmen goes to have her tarot cards read. The Death card features prominently. Scene : Summoned back through time by a coven of witches to the year , the three sisters learn their task is to help save an unborn child, their ancestor, who is destined to become a powerful witch. Ruth, a practitioner of dark magic, is holding the child's mother captive in hopes of raising the child herself.

    At one point, Ruth lays out tarot cards and discovers that the sisters have come from the future to rescue mother and child. Scene : Early in the show Phoebe gives Paige a deck of tarot cards as a bridemaid's gift before she marries Cole. Paige cuts the deck three times, asking the cards what the future holds for the Cole and Phoebe. The first card she turns is The Lovers. The second card is 3 of Swords, labelled "Despair.

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    Later in the episode she does another reading, asking the same question. She cuts the deck three times and gets the same cards. Scene : It's discovered that Sara's mother, a doctor who has been chosen for a NASA mission, has a medical problem that could prevent her from going to space. Sara has borrowed a deck of tarot cards from her friend's mother. Throughout the show we hear her talking in voice-over about the meanings of various cards she has drawn. The focus of the plot is on the Moon card as Sara explores how afraid she is that her mother won't be safe if she goes to space.

    Scene : Cold Comfort farm is a scary, dark place that a socialite enters because she wants to write.

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    Those that live at the farm are bound by a sort of force. It seems they fear making changes and everything must remain the same. Ada Doom, the matriarch of the farm, stays locked in her room and speaks of long ago seeing "something nasty in the woodshed. Before a sunny happy wedding, Judith is shown looking at a spread and picks up the Sun card. Scene : The title character, Jordan Cavanaugh, appears just as Nigel finishes his reading. One of the cards that he drew was the Knight of Swords reversed.

    The final card chosen was the Hanged Man. The reading was to determine who would be laid off at the office due to cutbacks. Scene : During the "Vicki goes back in time" sequence of episodes, the cards were brought out at various times usually to foretell Vicki's awful fate. The Countess also read for various other characters Barnabas, Elizabeth, etc. Often, the Countess would be at least partly involved to ensure her doom-filled prophecies came true.

    Scene : A psychic explains Dawson's relationship problem with Joey while contemplating the Lovers card. Scene : The American government, via a secret branch of the CIA, is using several psychics to uncover information on terrorism. Johnny Smith played by Anthony Michael Hall works with three other remote viewers in a secret facility to discover the whereabouts of an unnamed war criminal in hiding ostensibly, Osama bin Laden. She tells him to enjoy his 15 minutes of fame. Scene: Greg needs a new secretary and Dharma volunteers to interview candidates for him.

    However, before making her final choice, Dharma slips into a daydream where she fantasizes the seduction of her husband by the gorgeous new secretary. In the end, the green-eyed monster rules and a considerably less attractive secretary gets the job. Scene : Krystle believes Blake slept with Alexis in Italy. While in Rome Italy, Alexis gets a tarot reading. Scene : Georgia walks into the ER and sits down on one of the beds without signing in. Greene approaches and Georgia claims she's dying. Greene asks her who her doctor is and Georgia says she doesn't have one and never has. He asks how she knows that she is going to die and she pulls out a tarot deck and says 'it's in the cards' and she is sure she will be dead by sundown.

    However, at the end of the show she is shown walking out of the hospital. Scene : Felicity discovers that her roommate, Meghan, is practicing spell casting and using her as the target. Though Felicity is skeptical at first, she soon realizes that some of the spells one is a spell to make her clumsy actually seem to work. At one point, while Meghan is laying out tarot cards, an exasperated Felicity tells Meghan she doesn't want any more spells cast upon her. Besides this, tarot cards are shown on screen one at a time at key transition point of the show.

    In this episode, Sean knows there is something wrong as he has an inflamed testicle, but he does not yet know it's cancer. He is reluctant to tell his girlfriend, Meghan, that there is something wrong. All she knows is that he is avoiding having sex.


    While they are sitting at a table, Meghan starts reading tarot cards. When she pulls the Emperor in reverse, she begins to figure out that something is wrong with Sean. Scene : In the opening scene the "Friends" are gathered at the coffee house. As the conversation is happening, Phoebe is doing a layout. Scene : Sonny, a mob boss, gets stabbed and Angel finds him. She takes him back to her cottage in the woods to nurse him back to health. Weeks later they decide to get to know each other better by playing "20 questions" low card has to answer.

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    Alexandra tarot february cancer

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