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Good morning! The perfect autumn picture.. Do you? In dreams I have always been more active than in my real life, and these shadows sapped me of my health and energy. Alpes, Long Time Ago. Formosa river Algarve. Live without excuses and travel without regrets. Feel the power of the Girls!

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No paro cuando estoy cansado I don't stop when I m tired I stop when I m done! La Gineta no falto a su cita, silenciosa, cauta y preciosa! Something a bit different and possibly not to everyone's taste but I like this sort of image. Using a bit of intentional camera movement on an overcast morning to capture an impression of this red deer stag.

The rest of the Monschau photos. New Brighton is a coastal suburb of Christchurch.

Balika vadhu 7 october

The pier, which was opened on 1 Nov , on the site of the original pier, which was demolished 30 years previously, is the biggest ocean pier in Australasia. Yes, is fresh air A veces hay que arriesgarse para contemplar la belleza. Nature does not make a big deal out of its beauty, no great sensation and needs for fame. Herrmann zum Geburtstag Frankfurt am Main: Harri Deutsch, , and.

We base this estimate on the number of vernacular editions in Roberto de Andrade Martins's on-line bibliography ref. However, this bibliography does not include English translations of the Sphere and may miss some other editions as well. Our title alludes to Owen Gingerich's ironic description of Copernicus' De revolutionibus Thorndike, The Sphere of Sacrobosco ref.

James Lattis's study of the Jesuit Christopher Clavius's commentary on Sacrobosco's Sphere illustrates how the Sphere was used to introduce new ideas and information about the cosmos. See James M. We provide further examples below. The history of the book has a voluminous literature. We use the masculine and feminine deliberately. Not all printers or readers were men, a point we document in this essay. Pascal Duris Pessac: Maiso des sciences de l'homme d'Aquitaine, , , p. Miriam U. See also Kathleen Crowther-Heyck, "Wonderful secrets of nature: natural knowledge and religious piety in Reformation Germany" Isis xciv , Deborah E.

We have consulted all four editions in the British. Library, and the edition at the University of Oklahoma. There is a transcription of the edition in Hamel, Studien zur "Sphaera" ref. There were two Portuguese sphaeras printed in , but we have not been able to consult these. Tractado da Spera do mundo tyrada de latim em liguoagem.

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Lisboa: Herman de Campos, ca. There were at least three Portuguese and nine Spanish editions of the Sphere in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Many of these translations included practical applications of astronomical knowledge for navigators as well as information gained by Europeans from voyages of exploration and colonization. These Iberian spheres will be the subject of a future article.

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The first and the most well known of these was the Deutsche Sphaera German Sphere , by Konrad von Megenberg - Lang, and Francis B. Niemeyer, The second was the Puchlein von der Spera Booklet on the Sphere by an anonymous translator. For biographical information see Francis B. It is not clear when Heinfogel gained this appointment, but in the edition of Sphera materialis, he describes himself as "Magistri Conradts Heinfogels von Nuremberg.

Bernhard Ebneth, "Sebastian II. Sperantius," in Neue Deutsche Biographie 24 , In hoc opere haec co[n]tinentur noua translatioprimi libri Geographiae Cl.

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Ptolomaei: quae quidem translatio verbum: habet e verbo fideliter expressum Nuremberg: Johannes Stuchs, Avii verso ref. Unless otherwise noted, all translations are our own. This passage is also found at the end of the edition, but not in the or editions.

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Iii ref. Kii verso ref. K verso ref. There is very little biographical information on Guillaume des Bordes. He describes himself on the title page of his translation of the Sphere as a "professor of mathematics," and we presume, because of his ties to Cavellat, that he was affiliated with the University of Paris. See M. Cavellat and Marnef together published editions in and Guillaume Cavellat died in or , and his widow Denise took over the business. Denise Cavellat published two editions of the French Sphere on her own in and Another Parisian printer, Jacques Quesnel, published a final edition in Publication information is based in part on catalog searches, as we have not had access to all six editions.

We have consulted digitized versions of the , and editions in the database Early European Books Online. At least half of those, according to Renouard, could be labeled as "mathematics," which included astronomy, cosmology, and similar disciplines. Renouard identifies ten different Sphere editions published by Cavellat between and his alliance with de Marnef in ; at least seven more follow.

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Renouard, Imprimeurs et libraires parisiens ref. For biographical information on Vinet, see Louis Desgraves, Elie Vinet, humaniste de Bordeaux : Vie, bibliographie, correspondence, bibliotheque Geneva: Droz, For an English translation ofthis highly influential preface, see Philip Melanchthon, "Preface to On the Sphere " in Orations on philosophy and education, ed.

Kusukawa, trans. Salazar Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, , On the widespread use of Melanchthon's preface, see Gingerich, "Sacrobosco as a textbook" ref.

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Nearly every Cavellat edition of the Sphere, regardless of language, had some version of this preface without concealing its Protestant origins until around , after which it was printed anonymously. See Isabelle Pantin, "Teaching mathematics and astronomy in France" ref. The same woodcuts are also used repeatedly starting around The original contract has been lost, but its terms were recorded on an updated contract following Guillaume Cavellat's death in Using marriages to unify publishing houses was a common feature of the European print world. See Johns, The nature of the book ref.

Des Bordes helped Cavellat condense complicated figures for Stoffler's treatise on the astrolabe in , and continued to contribute in a similar capacity until the s.

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Renouard, Imprimeurs et libraires parisiens, p. Aii ref. Giacomotto-Charra analyzes the differences between des Bordes's translation and the only earlier French version, translated in by Martin Perer. She notes that Perer's translation was "largely too close to the Latin text.

astrolog anna habich Astrolog anna habich
astrolog anna habich Astrolog anna habich
astrolog anna habich Astrolog anna habich
astrolog anna habich Astrolog anna habich
astrolog anna habich Astrolog anna habich
astrolog anna habich Astrolog anna habich

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