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We may be uncomfortable with the intensity of our feelings, but they seem extreme because we have lessons to learn.

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Nevertheless, tricky aspects to fuzzy Neptune might lure us off track with false hopes. Thankfully, we receive cosmic assistance from the Moon's shift into compassionate Pisces at pm EDT. Reclaim your time from demanding schedules and people by prioritizing self-care today. Indulge in a leisurely soak in the tub, take a peaceful hike in the woods, or stop by your local nail salon. Choose what energizes you. Giving a loved one your undivided attention possibly feels as good as gifting gold.

It can be hard to offer even a dear one your full concentration with so many devices and media sources competing for your time. The muted Pisces Moon might not be able to pump up the volume enough for your beloveds to speak loudly.

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But the cosmic energy flows with enough compassion and empathy for you to crane your heart to listen carefully. Unplug and connect. Using your intuition instead of relying on established objectives or rigid procedures likely increases your productivity. Trust that you can zero in on a task that not only feels easy but is the right thing to do in the moment. Although it takes courage to deviate from an existing plan, the outcome may be surprising and quite satisfying.

Raising your emotional IQ is as vital as boosting any other kind of intelligence. Some measure of your research may be more introspective and self-reflective now.

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But learning and practicing stress-busting techniques can help you successfully cope with tense moments. The more attuned you are to yourself, the more you can create harmony with others. You may be nostalgic for people and places from your past. Reflecting on your personal history, especially the regrettable parts, trains you to appreciate the preciousness of the present.

Giving others more than you can wisely afford to give is a disservice to everyone involved. The secret order: beyond time collector's edition.

the herald sun horoscope - the 12th house of the zodiac

Unreasonable, stubborn or domineering. May unconsciously seek in your partner.

Called ayanamsa', which takes into consideration the precession of equinoxes. Or devotion in an existing partnership.

The weekly horoscope: 22 – 28 July 12222

Agreeable ties in love and partnership. A child, friend or lover will be very unpredictable on the weekend. So strive to be a cool, calm and collected Crab, as you focus on being kind, creative and inclusive. Leo — July 24 to August So pace yourself and do your best to avoid online arguments or run-ins with authority figures. If you are the person in charge, then resist the urge to be bossy and over-bearing with others.

Behaving like a demanding Diva will get you nowhere fast! Try to be extra patient …which is not one of your natural virtues! Then Uranus and the Full Moon cause chaos on the weekend, when your domestic life looks topsy-turvy.

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Virgo — August 24 to September On Monday your ruler Mercury is at odds with disruptive Uranus. So the more unpredictable and unreliable others are, the more you will shift into fussy and finicky mode. On the weekend, Jupiter and the Full Moon shine a bright spotlight on a financial matter, joint venture or real estate transaction. Libra — September 24 to October Uranus also stirs up problems with partnerships or finances so expect the unexpected!

Perhaps it would be better to moderate your perfectionist streak and learn to love your perceived imperfections?

rwanadconpa.tk Scorpio — October 24 to November Expect an intense Monday, when the planets stir up inner compulsions, submerged secrets or hidden resentments. You could also become obsessed about a person from your past. Smart Scorpios will learn to let go.

herald sun horoscopes taurus Herald sun horoscopes taurus
herald sun horoscopes taurus Herald sun horoscopes taurus
herald sun horoscopes taurus Herald sun horoscopes taurus
herald sun horoscopes taurus Herald sun horoscopes taurus
herald sun horoscopes taurus Herald sun horoscopes taurus

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