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Taurus Today

Follow your dreams, your intuitions, hunches and premonitions because in them there are lucky numbers and signs that will place you on the path of romance. Attention, Taurus, you will be faced with an unforeseen situation in the sentimental order and an unexpected declaration of love. Despite your initial confusion, you may start to take it seriously. It would not be a bad idea to explore this possibility. Your sign receives a good planetary influence, but do not get saturated with vitamin supplements that you do not really need because then you would be altering your metabolism and it is the least convenient for you during these weeks prior to the beginning of your birthday cycle in a few weeks, in April.

Love Happiness consists more in your attitude than in the circumstances that surround you. Something that until a while ago bothered you a lot in your partner, today becomes a grace and you rediscover what made you fall in love with her, or with him. Health A relaxed, relaxed and optimistic attitude is what you need most at this time to improve your health and attract good planetary vibrations to you.

There is a positive index in your life if you suffer from the kidneys. Work You are in an isolated tone and you do not want anyone to interfere with your work or what you are doing. However, if you are under a labor discipline you will have to listen to what your superiors say and finish doing as you are told. Money and Luck It is time to develop your talents and your creativity. But with speedy Mars here, you may feel pressure to sign on the dotted line fast.

Take the time to really look this offer through. With obscuring Neptune in the mix, they might gloss over the finer points and present something that sounds a little too good to be true. Then get ready to point those ambitious arrows skyward!

Set your sights on those supersized goals and ideas for and beyond. Christmas will be colored by this buoyant ninth-house energy, spreading a ripple effect of good cheer and generosity Santa Claus sure IS coming to town! If you get the slightest whiff that your holidays could be depressing or laden with hefty responsibilities, consider booking a ticket or tickets somewhere fun and fabulous instead of doing the traditional holiday routine.


Go different and adventurous this year, Taurus! And if you do commune with your clan, keep things festive: Break out the board games, put a karaoke machine at the top of your list and BE the Santa Claus of your circle by keeping things merry and bright. On December 26, a Capricorn solar eclipse blazes into your ninth house of opportunity, which could blast your life into a whole new direction over the coming six months.

When the bold Sun and Jupiter make their once-a-year conjunction on December 27, no one and nothing can hold you back!

Compatibility of Sun Signs

Considered the luckiest day of the year by some astrologers, the Sun-Jupiter meetup can make you feel like your dreams are actually possible. They are! Has it been a while since you actually believed that? No surprise. In many ways, was like a long dues-paying phase. Maybe you got in touch with your shadow side or confronted some buried emotions that rose to the surface.

The reason for that: From November 8, , until December 2, , Jupiter passed through Sagittarius and your eighth house of deep transformation and merging. This intense zodiac sector rules birth, death, reincarnation and joint ventures. You may have been unusually private or deeply immersed in research or an all-consuming mission. This month is your cosmic coming-out party—and the planetary lineup at the end of December is here to throw an epic event!

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Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Celebrate your new attitude with 50—or —of your closest friends this NYE. Who knows? Spontaneity is the key. As the calendar turns, mystical Neptune is in close contact with la luna, so you might do a collaborative ritual or lay out some vision-boarding supplies. In some way, making a public declaration of your commitment to your dreams can create an air of accountability.

Note: is NOT the year for excessive caution. Partnerships are exciting and adventurous for you this month thanks to your celestial guardian, amorous Venus, jetting through your ninth house of new horizons and passionate Mars heating up your zone of committed relationships. Try not to prejudge them, and you might be pleasantly surprised! Couples could be thinking about traveling or doing something a little outside the box, maybe taking a class or workshop together or testing a joint business venture with a holiday pop-up.

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Meanwhile, excitable Mars is powering up Scorpio and your house of committed partnership until January 3. That could cause them to retreat, regardless of how they feel about you. Just catch the intensity when it wells up and find a healthier outlet for your passion. With fervent Mars heating up tempers, couples could argue more, but the makeup sex will be worth every harsh syllable! On December 20, vixen Venus drops anchor in Aquarius and your tenth house of long-range goals. With this renewed focus on the future, you might be intent on making things more official, whether that means putting a ring on it or exploring business opportunities with your sweetie.

If a colleague offers to make an introduction, take them up on it. You never know!

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March the 14th is a little trickier, as the moon encourages you to get to work, while the sociable sun clashes with Jupiter in your intimate eighth house. This is a 5-star day for fun and spreading the word; significantly motivator Mars will make ties to potent Pluto, while expressive Mercury will align with serious Saturn.

Those around you can relate feedback, which helps you direct your energy better, and hone your purpose around a powerful vision. Consider this to be an incredibly positive moment to glean support from important partners; Venus will align with Jupiter on this day bringing you recognition, closeness and support during the full moon, cementing close ties for you and yours. Kimberly started Star Sign Style to gather together all things celestial in a honey pot of wonder. She's studied astrology in London and India, specialising in the fashion and beauty of the stars. Her Sagittarius moon lights up with talk of travel, while her Mercury in Taurus waxes lyrical over cosmic cosmetics.

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March 29 horoscope taurus or taurus

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