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Confused, yes. But who exactly is Ophiuchus? All the dozen previous signs of the zodiac have roots in classical mythology — specifically in the legend of how the 12 Olympian gods took the shape of various animals and creatures to flee the sulfurous, multi-armed monster Typhon who was causing havoc and ripping up mountains and such. Only Zeus stood his ground and, gathering up his courage and his lightning bolts, let fly with those weapons of mass destruction and buried Typhon under a mess of rock, which smolder to this day as a volcano, Mount Etna.

Does Gemini, for example, count for one or two? And if Zeus stood firm, then… something is missing…. And what god or goddess would have sought refuge in the shape of Libra, a scale?

See more on the Earth rotation that changed up our Zodiac signs. Otherwise, the symbols are meaningful only in terms of mnemonics — giving earthly shape to the constellations that occupy the moving belt of stars that define the terrestrial year. Allusions to myth help give each meaning. So, what kind of creature is Ophiuchus? The illustrations that have emerged old prints from shortly after the time of Gutenberg, it seems portray some sort of heavily muscled person holding on with difficulty to a veritable anaconda in the sky. There are various myths attached to the constellation, most of them obscure, two are quite telling — if ominous.

A third I have come up with on my own. See more on what you need to know about Ophiuchus. The first is that of Asklepios Latin, Aesculapius, which has somehow become acceptable in English as Asclepius , who was, as the old Greek stories often go, the offspring of a tragic match. His mother, impregnated by the god Apollo, started a dalliance with someone else.

It is not good to cheat on any god — and certainly not one associated with the sun. The poor woman was set on fire and her child ripped from her womb Asklepios etymologically meaning to be cut out. The infant was given over to be raised by the good and wise centaur Chiron.

He grew to be very wise himself, able to cure the sick and the raise the dead. But the fates and the gods did not like the idea of a human with the ability to grant other humans the gift of eternal life.


My super secret prize for Psychopomp the Jungian one skills go to Nicholas Polimenakos. So helpful with a great sense of humour and just a manner I really enjoy. He clearly knew and loved both astrology and the area he lived in. And he wanted everyone to know he knew where everything was. And had connections everywhere! Oh and he reads my blogs so I love him even more. Definitely a keeper.

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I might have to add him as my astro brother. I just want him to know how much I appreciate him. He lost valuable tech items such as his phone, laptop and camera.

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United Astrology Conference , various locations in the US, every 4 years. International Society for Astrological Research , various locations in the US, every other year in the autumn. Kepler Institute, Belgrade Serbia, every year in March. Astrology Restored, Cape Town , next one in My full travel and lecture schedule is here.

Quite possibly the most quintessential photo of an astrological dinner party ever taken! I have so many Facebook friends from San Francisco and their astrology […]. You must log in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Oh and I have wifi!! I could do this for a few days. I also watched Venus rise as the morning star followed by a spectacular sunrise. The highway cuts through huge areas of conifers, mountains and rivers.

I can almost see George and Lenny hiding in a brook or hear the clink of horseshoes near the bunkhouse. This talk considers how to improve financial well-being by building confidence in personal financial management. Using basic astro-financial techniques examples will be given of how to work with the markets. Saturday May 26, pm - pm Belmont Room. On Solar Returns, A Traditional Timing Technique A Solar Return is a forecasting method used to determine what preexisting natal possibilities may break for a given solar year.

Beginning with an examination of the Natal, followed by a similar inspection of the Return, we note what natal configurations are repeated in the Return. Repetition is key to this technique. He lectures internationally and teaches five classes weekly, twice locally and three times live over the Internet. His two-year program focuses on helping students develop good work habits and technique based on the methods of Morin as taught by Zoltan On Solar Returns pdf. Some argue to include the nodes and angles! Any configuration describes a life theme and becomes greatly important when the Lights or Ascendant ruler is activated; less so if Mercury, Venus or Mars are the fastest moving planets; and less personal if only outer planets configure.

Carol was Kepler College President and currently Saturday May 26, pm - pm Grace Room. Trauma and Recovery: Identifying Crisis and Resilience in the Chart The astrological chart provides a clear map of the challenges that lie in wait for each of us.

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We can diagnose the sources of stress by synthesizing a few chart indicators. Then we develop ways to help clients prepare for and recover from difficult events by mobilizing their unique strengths.

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While I use Vedic Astrology, my experience as a psychiatric social worker, specializing in crisis assessment, will help prepare attendees to identify and address trauma. Saturday May 26, pm - pm Lincolnshire.

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Reincarnation's Recurring Influence on Astrology We know that reincarnation has long been an accepted concept in Asia. But ideas about reincarnation and its connection to Western astrology can also be traced back to antiquity. This talk will survey the surprising places and people who discussed reincarnation and ideas about karma, We will see how this surfaced multiple times in Western astrology, spirituality and philosophy. We start in ancient Greece with Pythagoras and end with the modern version of evolutionary astrology.

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Enid Newberg, MA. Enid has an extensive background in information systems and online learning. An astrologer since , she first joined Kepler College as a board member in and was President when it first opened. She was re-hired as President in Enid has taught Saturday May 26, pm - pm Scottsdale Room. Every eight years, "she" goes retrograde five times, describing a pentagonal star around the zodiac.

During these repeating cycles, the goddess descends below the horizon to commune with the Sun, pulling us deep into a personal process of emotional alchemy. Her teaching and consultation work are informed by psychology, spirituality, stargazing and creative processes, primarily visual and dramatic arts. FINAL pdf. Saturday May 26, pm - pm Miami Room.

Adding Star Stories As astrologers we have grown to understand the planetary cosmos, yet when we raise our eyes to the heavens we encounter a rich tapestry of human mythology held in the stars.

rick levine astrology january 2020 Rick levine astrology january 2020
rick levine astrology january 2020 Rick levine astrology january 2020
rick levine astrology january 2020 Rick levine astrology january 2020
rick levine astrology january 2020 Rick levine astrology january 2020
rick levine astrology january 2020 Rick levine astrology january 2020
rick levine astrology january 2020 Rick levine astrology january 2020
rick levine astrology january 2020 Rick levine astrology january 2020
rick levine astrology january 2020 Rick levine astrology january 2020
Rick levine astrology january 2020

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