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From medical astrology to financial, from event prediction to the identification of key dates for event planning, from psychological and spiritual astrology to relationship compatibility astrology, to the use of astrology in the political arena, to….

There are as many ways to practice astrology as there are, and have been, astrologers. When, however, we approach a chart from an intuitive point of view, we allow that beating heart to speak to and through us, enabling the interpretation to become one that reflects the wholeness of the individual, not just the placement of their Mars and its relationship to Venus!

Nor will they experience it in a vacuum. When we bring an intuitive approach to the birth chart, encompassing all it contains in its complexities and paradoxes, contradiction and alchemy, we can truly get to the nub, the very essence, of who that person is and how they can best live their life in this moment. Yes, we all contain paradoxical contradictions, but we still live as one whole person each day and we need to develop an understanding of a birth chart which reflects that one whole person not its many component parts!

This course is suitable for anyone with an interest in astrology. You may know nothing at all or a fair bit already. You may never have seen your birth chart or been working with it for some time already. Wherever you are on the spectrum of knowledge I would ask you to leave what you know at the door and enter into the process of this course with an open mind and heart. You will discover truths unrealised, have old assumptions challenged and learn things that run contrary to the mainstream astro-knowledge out there.

This is a deeply personal process through which we directly experience our very essence: not something that can be described to us in a text book!! If this is not your local currency PayPal will inform you of the exchange rate used and the cost in your own currency before you complete your purchase. I will need to know your date, accurate time and place of birth in order to draw up your charts. They will then be emailed to you together with download links for all the course materials.

If you know only a rough time of birth i. This is not a service I currently provide but if you search online for chart rectification you will find those astrologers who do. We do not collect any of your bank detail s. July — January Eris Retrograde.

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The Grand Trine. We believe knowledge speaks louder than paper. However, all users who successfully complete the course will receive Proof of attendance as well as a Certificate. It's even shareable on Linkedin! Fantastic course, fantastic platform. Congratulations to the new astro kid on the block and keep it up! I signed up for this course without many expectations, to be honest I was mostly attracted by the price and the look of the website. I have been pleasantly surprised, the course is very interesting, and the platform is really great, it is easy to use, beautiful, engaging, interactive.

I learned so many new things without even noticing that I was doing hard work. Very good course where I learned new things with ease.

Highly recommend it to anyone interested in astrology. I signed up for this astrology course because it has always been a hobby and interest of mine but I never got around to learning more. I have learned the fundamentals and you have encouraged me to explore further and work at it! What can I say, except thanks Astrosymbolica, thanks Maya, thanks Livia. Thank you so much and keep it up!

Lessons excellent.


The quizzes could be more challenging, but I was not a beginner. I signed up for this course to double check my astro knowledge and I am pretty happy with my results. The games are excellent, a total surprise, and great idea to match astrology with a little bit of fun : I am very pleased with the platform in general and will recommend it.

Very happy with the course and the help of mentor Maya! Patient and dedicated, there to address all my questions and dilemmas.

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